Funtime ET7850 Mini Arcade Machine Toy

A captivating Blast from the Past! Tune into your inner nostalgia with this amazing Desktop Arcade Machine!
A superb portable Mini Arcade with an amazing range of 240, 16-bit old-school games built in Retro Brilliance.
Vast selection on games contained in this virtual desktop arcade including entertainment in genres like racing, sports, puzzles, shooters and fantasy.

Gadgy ® Candy Grabber with mute button | Party Arcade Machine | Traditional Fairground Replica

Do you find it hard to stay off candies, cookies, chocolate or chips, knowing that they are there for the taking? This electronic Candy Grabber claw game will make sure you don’t eat everything at once! You’ll have to angle every piece of candy out separately! Bring the fair or the carnival to your home today and find out how fantastic it is.
Use the three levers to pick up tasty treats with the claw and deposit them down the chute. The Candy Grabber has three joysticks which control the movement of the claw/gripper: Forward and backward, up and down, contracting and releasing. Re-live those childhood trips to the game arcade and fair with this retro Claw Game. Fill it up with sweets of your choice and insert one of the fake coins. Then grab as many sweets as you can!
As soon as you drop a coin in the machine it will start playing music. Starting now, you have 60 seconds to use the controls to grab the candy and move it towards the opening. You better make sure you’re on time!

Mini Arcade (Pac-Man)

Fully functioning Mini Pac Man arcade machine with key-ring
Can be clipped onto just about anything
Will fit into your pocket with ease

Taikee Micro Arcade Machine with 240 Built in Games – 16 Bit

MICRO ARCADE GAME MACHINE – Cool designed and nice-looking arcade machine, with 240 classic games to play with 2.5 inch Display 16 bit, Joystick and buttons to fully experience the retro games from our childhood
COMPACT DESIGN – Build from heavy-duty material the Mini Arcade Machine is perfect for travel and resistent to socks. Comfortable to enjoy, you can take this kids toy to play retro games anywhare with no TV or console needed
KID TOY ORIENTED – Design to fit in kids palm, the mini arcade machine offers smooth games experience with clear picture quality, cool sound effects with volume control