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PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset

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PlayStation virtual reality VR for short is the future of the gaming industry, it can be a phrase you have often heard. That the presence of a long-awaited device in recent years has finally gained momentum as a commercial product. Success or not on the sales side? This is no longer an important question. Above all, players now have the opportunity to enjoy a technology that, so far, can only be seen in a variety of sci-fi movies directly. The PC itself competes with the products that can be obtained today in the market: HTC lives and Oculus Rift. While the console market, Sony Interactive Entertainment has taken a big leap forward with the VR product first for the PlayStation 4-PlayStation VR.

PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset VR Review

playstation virtual reality headset

Firstly, With the performance of the console it is certainly even harder to compete with a PC with high specs, and sometimes clearly visible in a variety of compromises to make handle the latest games of the AAA version, to start something amazing and Amazing at the same time that the PlayStation 4 could handle a virtual reality game. But the compromise seems to be the right word to explain it.

They improve and virtual reality technology to establish themselves, from the selection panel, the comfort, to make sure that the games are present in low resolution does not end so distinctive boomerang.

You had time to read the previous preview that would have given us a clearer idea of what the PlayStation VR is and our first impression when used for a variety of available multimedia content. We did not even hesitate to call it a device that is no different from an entry door for the future technology we had planned for a long time.

So what does Playstation VR offer? Why do we call this technology that brings us closer to the future? This review will analyze it more deeply for you.


Comfort-based design

Playstation VR

Secondly, For a virtual reality device, comfort is, of course, an essential element. Because of a device that “decorates” your head for a while and is even designed to deceive the senses and your brain, a design that one could experience should be fun and incredible, can end up being something bad the good news? This seems to be thought by Sony Interactive Entertainment on PlayStation virtual reality this.

When you have just unpacked your PlayStation virtual reality (Playstation VR) box, you will enjoy this “comfort “. In addition to the new line of Ribena cable you need to install on the PlayStation 4, HDTV and processing PSVR units that participate in the sales package, you will not feel confused at all. An image-based instruction explaining the installation process for each step is included in a large, clear booklet.

Cooler? Each cable is also essential for a special number to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the shapes and types that can sometimes make the installation process too complex. The installation process eventually ensures that the cable with a number ends in a certain location that is also already provided. You who do not understand the technology will not be difficult to do.

PlayStation VR Headset More Gamer Friendly


So what happens to the headphones themselves? The plastic you use can make the PSVR cheaper on the outside. But at least, it guarantees a more comfortable weight for your head. For players with big heads like us, there’s no problem in using it. With a small button on the back, you can press to make the head support flexible and you can slide enough to take it directly. Meanwhile, there is a button that can be used at the front to advance and rewind the screen. Cooler? This design also makes it very friendly with game players.

They often look on the screen for a long time with a variety of positions, players are a vulnerable problem with the vision problem. The result? The goggles often end up being a solution at the same time that they “sacrifice ” this fun hobby. PlayStation VR seems to understand the target market it will make and will ensure that it can be used very comfortably by the player’s lenses. The key is in the on-screen mechanism as mentioned before, can you come and go?

More Space and Support

playstation4 vr

Not only that, it also tells the space between the lens and the support around the eyes. Eyeglasses with standard frames don’t even touch the lens, which also protects you from the risk of scratches and the like. So what happens to the focus itself? PSVR does not provide this feature. The only way to make sure that the focus is on the same mechanism, to adjust the position of your screen and your helmet on your head. The good news? By testing nearly 4 or 5 closest friends, no one has had a problem that he or she has not been able to find at home. All it takes is a little time to adapt.

An approach and also a source of the own problems can be about the selection of rubber materials that hold your eyes and the nose of the lens. This super soft rubber option inconveniences your helmet and at the same time makes it comfortable, but it turns against you when you participate in virtual reality games that require physical activity, such as the London heist, for example. With this kind of material, especially with the warm tropical climate, you will easily sweat. But for games that don’t need to move and enjoy the content that exists, you don’t have to worry.

Box Contains

You get the PlayStation VR headset, Processor unit Stereo (earbuds) with the HDMI cable USB cable AC adaptor and power cord PS VR headset connection adaptor.


Another thing that is often the subject of a conversation when the virtual reality device appears on the surface is the disposition of the cables. Why? Because it is often considered one of the most boring and dangerous elements for virtual reality devices. If you move too much and don’t worry about what’s in the real world, it’s not impossible that you accidentally stepped on this VR device cable, damaged it or, worse, hurt you. Overall is the PlayStation virtual reality headset better than others? Yes, the Playstation Virtual reality headset does come with many wires mainly for the processor unit to the PS4 to the TV.

This concern may be relevant to virtual reality devices such as HTC life, which require you to move with the ability to read the space itself. Fortunately, this is not something you should think about the Playstation VR. Why? Since most games only allow you to move at least one or two steps in all directions, cabling management in this way is of no importance. The cable connectors and the like are treated so well by a processing unit that there will only be one cable hanging from the PSVR device. PSVR games with physical content like Batman: Arkham VR and The London Heist, you can enjoy without fear.

Here is a small clip below we found to help you decide:

First 5 Tips You Should Know!

PlayStation VR Bundle

The PlayStation Virtual Reality headset bundle, to which you will truly discover breathtaking VR graphics and enjoyment. PlayStation VR is a powerful unit to own, Sony has worked long and hard to develop this piece of equipment. The PlayStation VR used codename during development stages called Project Morpheus, PlayStation virtual reality headset (VR) was released October 13, 2016. So what is different with the bundle to just the VR set:

PlayStation VR Bundle Contents


  • VR Headset
  • PlayStation Camera
  • Processor Unit
  • VR headset connection cable
  • AC adaptor
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Stereo headphones
  • Earpieces (1 set)
  • Printed materials
  • Cleaning cloth
  • PlayStation VR Worlds voucher code
  • Demo disc



What to Consider

Finally, hat you should consider next is the composition of the piece itself. Although it does not require large spaces, the PlayStation VR always allows the user’s movements to be tracked by the camera managed by the PlayStation Camera. For example, you can create the main character of the game PSVR you currently enjoy, also looking down. The distance of about two feet from the PlayStation camera with a bit of free space seems to be enough for almost everything you need.

The rest? Because the PS camera tracking depends heavily on the light emitted by the PlayStation VR headset itself, you just need to make sure that there is not a super bright light source behind you for a more optimal experience.

In general, the Playstation VR is an optimized VR device. The fact that we, players who have a big head size can enjoy without problems, has become a testament in itself that Sony understands which target market and makes it easier to the best. Also, feel free to check our article out called Best Virtual Reality Headsets.

Thank you for reading this article about PlayStation VR (PlayStation virtual reality headset). Check the product it out its self here:


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