How to get more Instagram followers free NO Surveys

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Ever wanted to become famous on Instagram and showing off to your friends. Well, you can do just that by getting Instagram followers free, yes free and it does actually work. Carry on reading this article and learn How to get more Instagram followers free NO Surveys, NO Downloading. Just a unique working site which allows members to earn free points and use the points for Instagram followers.

Instagram Followers Free – How To Get Free Instagram Followers and Photo likes

free instagram followers

Bet your wondering sometimes “are some members just popular or what are they doing to gain that many followers so fast”. Well, chances are some may be very popular but a few of them are gaining followers fast from other sources. There are many websites which are free out there around the world wide web to which members can get Instagram followers. There is Like4Like.Org or which is a new website and even But, for now, we will review and give you a how-to guide in getting Instagram followers free and fast.

Follow these steps below and start getting the Instagram followers for free today, remember no surveys or no downloading is required. Just do what is said in the steps and start to watch the free Instagram followers or likes come flooding in. Before we move forward and explain with our How to guide, let us explain more about like4like first.

What is Like4Like?

what is like4like

Like4Like as been around for a while now on social media platforms for example; Have you seen members on Facebook there is actually some Like4Like groups. Where a member will post there page and ask someone to like their page in return you will like there’s or photos. This is like4like, but on the website, you do not have to go around asking members to like your page or follow you and you will do the same in return.

On the website which you first must join, which is a free 100% safe website. Sign up and then earn points by either watching YouTube Videos, Liking Videos, Retweeting and likes to even follow members. Across many different social networking platforms which earns you points. You then for example; Add your Instagram profile link and the points you earned will go to members for following you.

So if you earn 5000 points by liking, sharing, viewing or even following members. You can then choose how much points to give when you add your profile, so if you have 5000 points and you offer them 6 points you will get 833 followers.

Is it Just Instagram Followers You Can Get?

social exchanges

No, but it is most popular these day’s for Instagram followers free and also Instagram likes. But, you can get a free facebook page and photo likes, Twitter Followers, Retweets. Also, YouTube Views, Subscribers, Video likes and you can even get YouTube Video Comments.

Many members use this site to get social signals also to there website or blog. They do have a free traffic exchange as well as all the other cool social exchanges. Honestly, I have used these sites in the past and they do really work and can gain you a bigger audience to make you more popular.

Step 1

Sign up here: Once signed up continue below…

signup like4like

When you have done the above you can now login to your account. Once you have logged in you will come to your dashboard where you will see your points on 0. You then need to start earning as many points as possible, the more the better. In the image, I had 52000 points, you will see when you click on the social media exchange a drop-down menu appears. All the items on the list show all the ways you can earn points.


Choose any, try a few at a time to build your points up. You can views YouTube videos, Like videos or follow twitter members, Instagram followers, likes and so on. You get the idea of how this works now just build your points. Once you have built a good few 1000 points up or a few 100 if you want to test this first. By all means, test it and you will see this works 100%.

Step 2

Once you have enough points and you are happy to continue, you now need to click add and manage pages. When the page loads, then locate Instagram Followers and click on it. Once it loads once more you can then copy your Instagram profile link and add it to the site. You can allocate as many points you want to give to a member from as low as 6 to 10. The higher the faster the Instagram followers will come to you.

So that is the basics of how to get Instagram followers free, it totally works 100%. You can use this to get also Instagram Free Photo Post likes. Become very popular on Instagram show off to family and friends, they will be wanting to know how you did it. If you use this website daily and earn points and the more you earn, you will have between 5000 and 10,000 followers in one week or less. Be sure to share our

Another way to get Instagram followers is to buy them, which there are some legit people out there who sell mass followers. I know one guy who can get 1000s of post likes instantly for $5 his username on Instagram is Schoolforentrepreneurs.

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