gadgets for men who have everything

Gadgets for men who have everything

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Do you know a man who has everything, or thinks he has everything? Read our article on about all the cool gadgets for men who have everything. So gift do you get him, well let me help you because guys love gadgets. Does not matter who they are they will love these gadgets and gizmos. Doesn’t matter whether it is there birthday, Christmas or even yet there anniversary. Best cool gadgets for men who have everything. Read our article and we assure you will come across something he does not have but also something that he will love…

What do you get a man who has everything?

Is there even such a phrase of a man having everything, surely not right? Well, check out this article I am sure you will find some items of use that I am sure that HE does not have. Let me reiterate that I can truly say he does not have. Well, every guy likes the odd toy to gadgets.

As they say boys with there toys with an added bit of humor there. But it is true that is what is said many times over, so what do you get a man who has everything. Some get them a newspaper from the date and day they were born… Boring Zzz, yeah it may be intriguing to you but to him, he may sound interested but he won’t be. Sorry if that is putting it bluntly, but it is true so check out gadgets for men who have everything. You can also use these on here to get anniversary gift for husband who has everything if you are in a rush at the last minute to find something.

You will find all these gadgets on this page to be a useful read and you may just find something he hasn’t. Maybe your not sure what to get him, what does he like to do for hobbies when he is not working. Perhaps he loves playing video games with friends on the Xbox or PlayStation maybe the PC. Well, be sure to check out our other top articles like our Best virtual reality headsets or PlayStation Virtual reality headset. Which is the perfect best gift for the man who has everything?

Gadgets for men who have everything – Mini Arcade Machine Toy

gadgets for men who have everything


  • Awesome Mini Arcade Machine Toy Blast to the Retro Past!
  • Portable Mini Retro Arcade Machine with a collection of 240, 16-bit Retro games which are built in.
  • Entertainment with top genres from sports, shooters, racing and puzzle games all on this mini desktop arcade machine.
  • 2.5″color screen, speakers built-in, 8-way control joystick with 2 buttons.
  • Awesome as it gets with the arcade machine replica bringing the fun old days back into your life. This requires 3 x AA Batteries which are not included.


So why not have a captivating blast from the past with this miniature arcade machine for your desktop. Mini portable games console with built-in retro games. A mini arcade machine which as a whopping 240 games built-in giving this Mini Machine a Retro Brilliance. The games which are built into this retro style Arcade are 16-bit which covers many different genres like we mentioned above.

So you will never be bored, yeah the size is a little on the small side, but playing games like shooting, puzzles, and even sports. This is one of the very cool gadgets for men who have everything. You will never get bored with this little beauty, this is ideal for the gadgets for men who have everything. If they think they have everything, well they just have not seen the mini arcade machine, have they!


Smart Watches

smart watches

This is one of the perfect gifts to get him, it is also gadgets for men who have everything. The AXCEED GT08 Smartwatch, which has many special features which you can see below in the images.

This has a touchscreen and also Bluetooth built into this slick well designed Smartwatch. But, that is not all it also as a camera with SIM Card slot and a Pedometer Analysis. Functions all capabilities with the Andriod and IOS devices, with Sleep Monitoring features.


smart watches gadgets cool watch gadgets

Axceed gt08 smart watch features

Reasons to get a smartwatch

Firstly, it is the future and yet for some people do think that new technology is still expensive products to buy. But not all new technology is expensive, take this AXCEED GT08 Smartwatch we are reviewing above. This is really cheap £16.88 to be exact this is why it is in this review for gadgets for men who have everything.

Not just because it is cheap but because this is a nice little gadget which men will want. From Social media to fitness and other features these smartwatches have. So yes one of the main reasons to get a smartwatch is it is the future and it is actually a pretty impressive device to have. They have cameras, also able to use your watch as a phone. Let us just give a few reasons below why you should get a smartwatch. Also, if you are wanting to find cheap smartwatches then we have written another article on cheap smartwatches.

  1. The Future – Yes it is a thing of the future, remember the television series Knight Rider when Michael use to talk to his car Kitt with his watch. Well, you can talk through your watch as well, not to a talking car obviously but to your friends on their phone.
  2. Notifications – Yes, that is correct, just like a mobile phone where you get new emails, texts and Facebook likes. Well, you can get it all on your new Smartwatch.
  3. Stores Music – Yes, your watch can store music. Imagine going for a jog early in the morning and while you run you can listen to your favorite music tracks.



Fun Rude Jelly Boobs Fruity Flavour

Guys will love this great gift, well not to be rude or anything but most guys only think about boobs. So why not buy them some jelly boobs as a gift. This is very cheap at £5.98 and they offer a great deal on free delivery. Guys can’t just lay there hands on every women’s boobs without getting a pretty huge slap across the face. Why not get your man or the guy you are thinking of some edible boobs jelly sweets.

Excellent and sexiest sweets for the perfect guy in question, nice sweets which are juicy, tasty and perfect for sucking on. But let us be realistic but not when he is in the office. So if he or anyone as a funny sense of humor and is not insulted by the fact some guy is sucking on some sweet squidgy boobs with there sweet tooth. Will then love our jelly adult boobs “Sweets”. So come on ladies treat your boyfriend/husband to these delicious and delicate jelly soft boob sweets. Please do not allow children to get there hands on these, just make sure these are passed out to your guy or even with someone with a sense of humor hopefully.


Anniversary gift for husband who has everything

anniversary gift for husband who has everything

We thought we would add this section for the devoted husbands out there who need treating. So ladies here is some general ideas and gadgets for an anniversary gift for husband who has everything. Maybe you have an upcoming Anniversary and not got a clue what to get him, maybe you want to get him something completely different. Get him something unusual or something completely different to what you would normally get him. Time to think out the box and get an Anniversary gift to which he will love and never forget.

gadgets for him

  • The tech tool pen comes with 7 very handy functions: A bottle opener, a phone stand, a ruler, a ballpoint pen(0.7mm black ink), touch screen stylus, a mini flat-head and Phillips screwdriver.
  • Twist action pen, write fluently, durable, smart and portable, you can twist the pen to write and hide the tip, so it will not leak inside your bag without a cap.
  • The tech tool pens have a tremendously stylish outer, multicolor pen shell for your choice.
  • Unique design, a valuable pen you worth having for your life and work, Ideal as a gift for the DIY or design enthusiast in your life. It was very well packaged and is very good as a gift or souvenir.
  • Package includes: 1pcs Metal Multi-tool Pen + 2pcs Refills ( in a gift box )

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drinking helmet

Why not get him this fun drinking helmet, which on Amazon is a brilliant gift. I recently got one of these myself and they are useful when you go watch football matches.

Hands-free drinking helmet so you can concentrate on other matters like watching football and rugby matches without taking your eye off the ball so to speak. This is an excellent product and gadgets for men who have everything, also perfect Anniversary gift for husband.

This is one of the top cool gadgets for men who have everything it surely is. Men love beer so why not get him his own hat. Even the image shows cans of coca cola just slip some cans of beer in there instead. He will love it and love you!

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Beer gifts for guys

beer gifts for guys

Guys love their beer, so getting them special gadgets which involve consuming beer or anything about beer they will love. So whether you want to buy him some beer gifts for him or unusual gadgets to store his beers then he will love these gadgets for sure!

Magnetic Beer Holder

magnetic beer holder

How about an awesome gadget which will help him keep his bottles of beers cool. With this Magnetic beer holder – hanger to place in the fridge to keep is beer nice and chilled. You can now hang those bottles of beer with ease in the fridge, it easily fits the roof grid inside your fridge enabling you to hang those beers. After a hard days work a nice cool beverage of beer is any man’s dream, each hanger supports 6 beers.

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There are many unique gifts and gadgets to cool gizmos you can buy your man, spouse or brother to boyfriend. It can also be frustrating, to say the least, to figure out what he wants or needs. Any sophisticated guy loves his gadgets so getting him gadgets as a gift will truly warm his heart.  Whether it is Hi-Tech gadgets to quality novelty gifts then we truly believe on this page you will find we have found the ideal products for gadgets for men who have everything.


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