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about us

I am All The Cool Gadgets, I am a blog news, reviews website working alongside Amazon. I find the best products from Amazon and then Review them in reviews or news in my articles. I started this blog initially for members who are into the whole world of news, tech, and gadgets. As a gadget lover my self I have tried and tested many products and decided I would start a blog to give my honest opinions and reviews on them. This is why I have this blog, I also own a gaming blog called Beast Gaming, which as many products.

I find all the best and greatest gadget products from Amazon. I use a powerful technique and technology to bring forward all the related gadget products from Amazon on to here all the cool gadgets.

So Why Do I Promote and Review Amazon Products


So why would I promote Amazon items worldwide over here on All The Cool Gadgets site? Well basically, I am an Amazon affiliate I earn commission on this website by promoting their products here. I promote Gadget products and also review them to show members a little bit about the products if they so wish to choose to buy them. Anyone can search Amazon for products but the whole idea of a blog explaining these products is that I give you my perspective on the items in question. So I will bring here all the cool gadgets and review them.

This is what many members do and it is quite a common thing what most people do today. All my job is to daily scour the internet or Amazon and find helpful products such as gadgets for men or women and then write reviews on them. So you as the members of my blogging visiting can get all the gadget products you need in one place. We as bloggers like to call this a niche site, all the same topic like my domain is all the cool gadgets, so I will only show cool gadgets and not crappy gadgets.

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So please if you like this site and feel free to look through my blog and read the reviews. Most of them also are going into depth of products so you know what you are getting. Feel free to comment on any blog posts if you want me to add any other details to the products or what you want to know if I missed anything out. Also, feel free to share my blog or any of the posts/pages to all social media and show your support.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the Contact page.